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Neatline Plugin

Building an interactive map using Omeka’s Neatline plugin Neatline is a plugin for Omeka that allows for the creation of interactive maps and timelines. Neatline allows the user to plot points on geospatial layers that, when clicked, reveal text and media. Users may create records from scratch and add them to their Neatline exhibits, or import […]

Installing Grav

Log into your cPanel: Navigate to Files > All Applications: Type Grav in the top right search bar and press Enter. Click Install this Application. Choose where you would like the domain to live. If you need further assistance on this section, read through our guide on Subdomains Vs. Subdirectories. You’ll also want to choose […]


Grav is a content management system (CMS) or, said another way, it’s an application to make websites. But differs from other CMSs like Drupal or WordPress in its underlying technology. While it’s a PHP app like those two, unlike them it does not have a database. All data is written directly to files rather than stored […]

Installing Mediawiki

To get started you’ll need to login to your control panel (https://domains.ggc.edu/dashboard) using your Georgia Gwinnett College username and password. Once logged in you’ll be at the homepage of your control panel. Navigate the Applications section of the cPanel and click All Applications. Find and select MediaWiki. The next page gives you more information about the MediaWiki software. To begin […]

Managing Permissions

The default Mediawiki installed has been customized to make it a bit harder for spammers to overwhelm wikis with illegitimate content and comments. This is done by modifying the LocalSettings.php file (a file that is included in every install in which it is possible to provide configurations details). By default, Mediawiki allows anonymous users to create pages […]

Creating a Book

To get started in Scalar, you will need to create a book. Go to your Scalar site via the My Apps link or the Scalar URL you established during the setup process. Log in to Scalar using the username and password you set up during the installation process. Go to the top right corner and […]

Installing Scalar

To get started you’ll need to login to your control panel (https://domains.ggc.edu/dashboard) using your Georgia Gwinnett College username and password. Navigate to the Application section and select Scalar. You can also use the search function as well. When you click on the Scalar icon, you will be taken to the Scalar information page. Click install this […]

Working with Omeka Classic

Here are a few tips and tricks that can help make sure you get the most out of the Omeka software. ImageMagick Omeka requires the ImageMagick library in order to resize and generate thumbnails for your images. Georgia Gwinnett College provides ImageMagic for all accounts, but occasionally you will need to manually enter the server […]

Installing Themes

Just as you would install plugins, installing themes to Omeka is very similar. Omeka has a few themes installed automatically that you have access to. But there are more themes available at http://omeka.org/add-ons/themes. There is no automatic installer so you would need to upload the theme to your File Manager in cPanel. Start by finding the the […]